meet me

Sarah Uffman was born in the sweet state of Louisiana and later moved with her family to North Carolina where she spent the majority of her childhood. She is number three out of four daughters and happily claims the sassiest sibling title. Her early days resided in a small, doting community where she acquired a love for soccer and spent countless summers exploring the local neighborhood with young companions. In her teenage years, she enjoyed modeling her older sisters' wardrobes and cruising in her red VW Jetta. Currently, Sarah is finishing her college degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and loves being a Tarheel. However, she can hardly wait to work in early education as a Kindergarten teacher in the near future. She is constantly overwhelmed by how good the gracious Lord has been to her and can never fully give enough thanks for all her blessings. 


  1. HI Sarah. Love the name of your blog and your button design. It caught my eye on the grow your blog hop. I had to stop by to leave some bloggie love.

  2. Nice to meet you Sarah! we have a lot in common - love for kids and design!!!!


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