Tuesday, May 28

First & Last Summer Vacation

Okay, y'all.. I think it's safe to say I win the worst blogger award for this summer. The last time I posted I forgot to mention that I would be leaving for a week to go to Charleston with Burke and his family... and then spending the long Memorial day weekend at a good friends house on Lake Norman. Whoops, sorry for leaving any loyal readers hanging! The good news though is I'm back home for the rest of summer so I finally should have time to get back in the swing of things and finally stop neglecting POP!

A few highlights from the previous week..
We arrived in Charleston on Tuesday and were greeted with a few thunderstorms. 
On Thursday night we had dinner downtown at Halls Chophouse on King Street. I would recommend their carmel cake to anyone. 
This is the view from the back porch. This view + a glass of wine is simply unbeatable.. my happy place.  
We celebrated Memorial Day and our friend Chase's birthday over the weekend at his house on Lake Norman. My sweet girlfriend, Laney made him this unbelievably beautiful birthday cake. Funfetti and homemade icing y'all. I had cake for breakfast the next morning.

Oh, last fun fact- Burke is in Vegas this week with a few guy friends. He may kill me if he sees that I posted this snapchat of him, but I think there's a pretty small chance he reads this while visiting all the casinos! ;)