Saturday, May 18

getting into the swing of summer

I'm back y'all! Sorry sweet friends for the long wait.. I've been in this crazy transition period since school let out a week and a half ago. Currently, I'm trying to adjust to my new summer schedule of waking up at 6:15am  and rushing to spend the morning and early afternoon in a classroom full of thirteen crazy & obnoxious... (but still pretty dang cute) four year olds. So far, I'm absolutely loving teaching, however I've already found out that on most nights, after spending long hours with young children, a glass of wine is necessary. With this said, I think I've finally caught up in sleep and relaxed enough to start blogging again for the summer! I can't promise you everyday, but I will promise you  two to three posts a week!

 Recent news..
Burke graduated last weekend and will be working in Greensboro starting in July!
On Sunday, after he graduated, we had a wonderful time catching up while having tea with his parents and grandparents at the Fearrington House Inn... I was seriously in awe of how beautiful the place was! 

 This past Wednesday, I took my kids on a field trip to Homeland Creamery in Julian NC. We had such a wonderful time. The kids highlights: The Hayride, feeding the two-day old calf, & milking the wooden cow. My highlights: Enjoying the 10:13 parent child ratio of the day, and the cake batter ice cream obviously