Tuesday, April 2

Easter Weekend Recap

Hi sweet friends! I'm back from my week absence, which I am blaming on two of my professors who decided to assign ridiculously long papers the same day last week. And let it be known, writing papers is pretty high up there on my 'things I despise doing' list.. right there along with blow-drying my hair. Fortunately, I made it through the traumatic time and then happily enjoyed my long, easter weekend at home with family.

Weekend Recap
In attempt to be festive, I looked up pretty ideas on pinterest for egg decorating and made these beautiful easter eggs! Just kidding, the online search was as far as I got... but these eggs are still pretty!
I actually did go consignment shopping with my mom all day Saturday and we fell in love with a pair of these chairs. I just adore the shape of them, anddd how can you say no to Carolina blue? (We have our fingers crossed that they will still be for sale in two weeks when the price falls dramatically.)
 On Easter Sunday, I went to church with my family and enjoyed the lovely breakfast that my favorite church ladies prepared before the service! I was so happy to see this little one. She told me all about what the easter bunny had brought her that morning. She also explained to me that she was planning on giving that little flower to her mommy after church. Sweet, sweet girl.

 The service was beautiful and by the time it ended, the sun had come out! 
After lunch, my mom and I enjoyed the sunshine by going on a long walk behind our house. We are so fortunate to have a lot of space that is perfect for walking.
This one was the most excited of all for the walk and all the attention she got with everyone home!