Saturday, March 2

abstracting a fabulous mantel

I love a beautifully decorated mantel.  I'm pretty sure this little fixation arose while I was visiting my parents a few weeks before the Holidays. One morning, early on during my stay, my mother decided I had spent enough hours alternating between lounging and reading and thus I was recruited to be her partner for Operation: Turn the house into the North Pole. Let me just pause here and tell you two quick things about my sweet mother. Firstly, she has been gifted with an inconceivable amount of vivacity; I mean this to the core. Our family has a running inside joke that Mary Helen has not nor will not ever need to break for downtime. It's actually amazing. The second thing you must know, the woman owns more Christmas decorations than Mrs. Claus herself. You can see how the combination of the two lead to a small Christmas fiasco. 

Anyway, at some point during the ordeal, Mary Helen designated me to be in charge of decorating the mantel in our living room. I happily claimed my task; the thought of an elaborate Christmas fireplace was rousing. I chose to use silver and gold ball ornaments and garland greenery to place under the gold mirror that hangs above. However, once I got started I realized it was much more difficult than I had thought to know where to place objects in a way to make the mantel look pretty and neat. After searching online for inspiration and then spending way too much time wiggling branches around, I was eventually content with the turn out. Lesson Learned: Mantel decorating only appears effortless.  

I think the brief assignment gave me an all-new appreciation for mantels that have been beautifully embellished. Recently, when I visit friends at their homes, I sometimes catch myself peeking to see what they have used on top of their mantels for ideas.

I have found that I really love when a stunning, piece of abstract art is incorporated. I am on the look out for one to hang over the mantel in my parent's living room. I think this will be a perfect accessory to use during the ‘Mary Helen Remodel Project’ that is now quickly approaching! 

Here are some of my favorite abstract art pieces. Which do ya’ll prefer?