Wednesday, February 6

Fast Forward February

Oh, February. My most favorite dreaded month of the year. I knowwww it's the shortest month, yet I still feel like it's the longest month. (No, surprisingly not because I'm helplessly single..) I just feel that February doesn't have a lot to offer... it's the blah month of the year. It's still cold, days are still short, and Starbucks doesn't have any delicious seasonal lattes I can buy excessively. Call me a cupid hater, but I'm just saying Valentines Day doesn't have anything on St. Patricks Day, Cinco de Mayo or the 4th of July.

With this said, I feel like its the perfect time to start my...

 Spring Break Countdown: 32 days left to go!

Burke and I are flying down to sweet Louisiana to spend some time with family, eat beignets, and hear some good music in New Orleans! I'm so excited because Baton Rouge is one of my most favorite places in the world to be. I could be content looking at the live oak trees for days. 

We spent a week there this summer for a friends wedding and and it was not nearly enough time to do everything we wanted. I made Burke visit the famous southern plantations and because I'm a good girlfriend, I won't tell everyone that he probably enjoyed the tours more than I did. We also visited LSU's campus and did some window-shopping in New Orleans. I'm hoping it'll be warm enough in a month down there to get a little color!

I hope y'all don't mind my causal fast forward through February! Anybody else getting excited about spring break plans already?!