Monday, September 9

On my dream wish list:

(via mademoiselle-c,12-04-92)
Oh yes, the Kelly Bag. Seriously, it makes me swoon... who can argue the beauty of this famous Hermes accessory? It remains just as chic now as it did when Grace Kelly brought the bag into the limelight in 1954. A girl is allowed to dream y'all.


  1. Amen! Kelly is a dream, especially with that price tag, but hey, consignment stores are everywhere Sarah, maybe someday, we can snag one of our own! Let's keep dreaming! :)

  2. Class, class, class. I'm adding it to my wish list now, too. And thanks to that price tag, it will probably remain just a wish. ;)


  3. Yea ma'am! Love that bag! I would love to have it in brown, tan, camel, whatever the name for it is!


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