Thursday, August 22

Kitchen Chair Makeover

Right before I came back to school I was having a mini crisis because I needed kitchen chairs to use in my apartment (my favorite place to study is at the kitchen table) and I needed something very low budget. Fortunately, Mary Helen put her great networking and scavenger skills to work and found these ridiculously disgusting chairs slowly dying in a friend's garage. When she texted me to tell me she found some great chairs and had brought them home for me, you can imagine the surprise I felt when I walked in the door to these. Even though they were covered in spider webs and the white linen seats had turned an eery yellow,  I could see that they had great bones and would be just perfect for my apartment after a little makeover. I bought some semi-gloss white paint and made a quick trip to the fabric store and voila!
 Even though my upholstery skills could definitely use some work, I think they turned out quite well! I love them in my apartment and now I have my perfect studying spot!


  1. Lovely Blog :)
    Enjoyed reading the Posts.
    Following you now on GFC. Hope you follow back toooo! :D
    Red Alice

  2. Adorable!! They turned out so cute!! I need to do this with our kitchen chairs, ha!

  3. amazing, it's a matter of teaching ourselves to see things in a different way. I am new at that. I love this post


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