Thursday, August 29

Here we go Heels!

First day of Carolina Football Season. It's that time y'all. Beat the Gamecocks!

Wednesday, August 28

10 facts you didn't know about me

1. I recently started collecting coffee table books. I love the four that I now own probably a little too much. I adore the way they look on any surface in my apartment and I'm not sure why but they make life a little bit happier.

2. If it were somehow possible, (or socially appropriate) I would dress head-to-toe everyday in 1950-style fashion. Seriously, I can't get enough of Jackie O's wardrobe.

3. I do all my schoolwork and assignments in bulk. Once I get started, I can't stop. I'd much rather spend a day of it than an hour here or there on homework.

4. I have a little obsession with Charleston. And by little I meant "Everything about it."

5. I already have my future children's names picked out. No, not married. No, not even engaged. I suppose the reason why is a result of my Type-A personality, but mostly I attribute the fact to my love of names. Give me a double name, and I'll love it even more.

6. I dream of blogging for a magazine one day. Preferably, a fashion or wedding one.

7. I have celebrity crushes on Gwynenth Paltrow and Tory Burch. I judge you if you don't.

8. I love everything about College Football, even though I rarely sit through an entire game.

9. Daisy Buchanan, from the Great Gatsby, is my all-time favorite book character. I believe Carey Mulligan is one of the only actresses who could own that much fabulousness.

10. Anything associated with the south makes my heart smile. 

Monday, August 26

Every bride needs a kitchen shower.

Yesterday, we got to celebrate my beautiful sister, Kristi, and her upcoming marriage to the love of her life. Kristi's best friend, Cydney and Cydney's sweet mother threw the most beautiful kitchen shower at their home in Burlington. We could not have asked for better weather or friends to celebrate Kristi and Cameron with! Below are some pictures from the shower.

Thursday, August 22

Kitchen Chair Makeover

Right before I came back to school I was having a mini crisis because I needed kitchen chairs to use in my apartment (my favorite place to study is at the kitchen table) and I needed something very low budget. Fortunately, Mary Helen put her great networking and scavenger skills to work and found these ridiculously disgusting chairs slowly dying in a friend's garage. When she texted me to tell me she found some great chairs and had brought them home for me, you can imagine the surprise I felt when I walked in the door to these. Even though they were covered in spider webs and the white linen seats had turned an eery yellow,  I could see that they had great bones and would be just perfect for my apartment after a little makeover. I bought some semi-gloss white paint and made a quick trip to the fabric store and voila!
 Even though my upholstery skills could definitely use some work, I think they turned out quite well! I love them in my apartment and now I have my perfect studying spot!

Tuesday, August 20

Tuesday, August 13

Fall Fashion Five

Are y'all getting ready for all the fall attire to arrive in the stores? I literally cannot wait to bring out my sweaters and boots! This year I'm really on the lookout for a great coat to keep around for a few years. One that is precious, can go with everything, and still warm... and reasonably priced. Good thing I'm up for the search! Here are five pictures that have completely gotten me ready for the quickly returning colder weather.

Thursday, August 8

Back to school means back to blogging!

It's that time again, one more week and it's back to school. However, this time it's even more bittersweet... as i'll be beginning my last year ever as a student at UNC. This thought brings along way too many emotions to share at one time, both exciting and absolutely terrifying. But to get on with it, the main point of this post is to tell any of those few people who were once upon a time reading my blog, that back to school means back to blogging for me! I've had such a wonderful summer enjoying mostly long and lazy days far, far away from the computer but now as real life begins again I'm eager to get back into sharing my thoughts on here with friends and family, as it provides me with a little escape from all the everyday to-do list tasks. Happy, happy, happy to be back!