Saturday, May 18

getting into the swing of summer

I'm back y'all! Sorry sweet friends for the long wait.. I've been in this crazy transition period since school let out a week and a half ago. Currently, I'm trying to adjust to my new summer schedule of waking up at 6:15am  and rushing to spend the morning and early afternoon in a classroom full of thirteen crazy & obnoxious... (but still pretty dang cute) four year olds. So far, I'm absolutely loving teaching, however I've already found out that on most nights, after spending long hours with young children, a glass of wine is necessary. With this said, I think I've finally caught up in sleep and relaxed enough to start blogging again for the summer! I can't promise you everyday, but I will promise you  two to three posts a week!

 Recent news..
Burke graduated last weekend and will be working in Greensboro starting in July!
On Sunday, after he graduated, we had a wonderful time catching up while having tea with his parents and grandparents at the Fearrington House Inn... I was seriously in awe of how beautiful the place was! 

 This past Wednesday, I took my kids on a field trip to Homeland Creamery in Julian NC. We had such a wonderful time. The kids highlights: The Hayride, feeding the two-day old calf, & milking the wooden cow. My highlights: Enjoying the 10:13 parent child ratio of the day, and the cake batter ice cream obviously


  1. My, you were a busy bee Sarah! Glad that your lovin' your kiddos! I too love going to work and often laugh at their remarkable wit and honesty! That place is beautiful, thanks for sharing. take it easy, another glass won't hurt on some nights too! :-)

  2. Hi Sarah! I sent you an email today about the ipad mini giveaway you are participating in that is coming up. (You already contributed so I need to make sure everything is correct). Can you email me back soon with any changes? THANKS!

  3. Those children are too cute! I'm glad you are enjoying teaching...but you are write about the glass of wine :). Bubble baths are good, too.


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