Monday, April 29

Design Notes: Desk Vignette

One of my favorite things to look for in antique and consignment stores is pretty prints or sketches that are often overlooked or have been framed somewhere difficult for most customers to see. I have found that occasionally while browsing through a store, I will come across a piece of art that instantly inspires me. I love love love when I find faded, pencil fashion sketches or old magazine covers with fun typography... and of course anything 1920's inspired is a true gem to me! Every so often, I surprise myself at which artwork I suddenly take a liking to and those usually become my favorite prints. Anyway, I'm thinking about choosing a few of my favorite art pieces and framing them over my desk in some sort of manner like this... I love the original effect that is created!
Last thing. I've had my eye on this etsy print for a few weeks now.. What do y'all think of her?!


  1. I finally found your blog! Live the print and the decorating idea.

  2. I think she's lovely, reminds me of Coco! I too love finding those kinds of treasures Sarah, I acutally have a cottage drawing from a thrift store in my powder room! Thank you for stopping by blog, started following you already!!!!


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