Monday, March 25

Friday, March 22

Arm Candy Additions

I’ve never been one to wear much jewelry and it's only on rare occasions when I stray far from my favorite everyday pieces. I swear by my pearl earrings, Kors watch, and cable Yurman...god bless those male designers. But seriously, it’s at the point where I feel naked if I forget to put my little arm cluster on in the morning. Yet, lately I’ve been really doting the crowded-wrist look and have made up my mind to purchase a few more fun bangles to use for mixing and stacking. 

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Tuesday, March 19

Lesson: How to Design with Consignment Finds

When furnishing an interior, there is one lesson my mother has certainly taught me. A home should be filled with the things that you love. 

Since Mary Helen loooves the thrill of a good hunt and is forever bringing home consignment extravagances, I’ve been eyeing ways to incorporate her vintage finds in specific rooms of my parents' house. Let me quickly back up and say, for the most part, I love this hobby of my mom’s. However, I have to admit, there have been times in the past when I have given her a hard time about buying an item I simply do not see a worthy find. With this said, I know it will be challenging to properly mix and combine her treasures galore. Fortunately, I am positive that I hit the jackpot this morning as I looked around for such interior inspiration…

PRIZE FIND: Jenny Moore. Jenny is a consignment enthusiast planted in San Francisco who describes her style as traditional with a “twist.” Her brilliant website & online store, Le Cart Sf, was born out of her passion for seeking out vintage pieces and recreating them!  Jenny now manages Le Cart with her best friend and every first Sunday of the month, they rummage the flea markets, estate sales, and antique shops in the Bay Area for pieces they love. I have fallen in love with Moore’s simply fabulous San Francisco abode. Please note the way she keeps a clean & established feel in her apartment, even while using bold colors and displaying all her special possessions. That's talent y'all.