Thursday, February 7

elephants everywhere please

Happy Thursday sweet friends! Only one more day, hang in there!

I want to share with you all a newfound love of mine. Recently, I've discovered I'm completely smitten by some simple elephant decor. Yes. Elephants. I am in love love love with some of theses pieces. 

I think these prints are the most precious thing, especially for a nursery or a little's girls room. thepinkpagoda sells them at such an amazing price! I'm thinking about splurging on the orange and teal for pretty wall art in my room next year. 

In midst of all this elephant love, I visited a splash of lime to see if maybe sweet Sarah Ann had anything that would catch my eye. I found this beautiful set of elephant stools and basically cried when they had already been sold (& for such a wallet-friendly price too.) 

BUT, not to worry y'all. My heart was mended back together when I found this beautiful elephant stool last weekend at the Red Collection in Greensboro. I know you can hardly imagine my bliss. 


  1. I have that SAME elephant in your last photo! :)

  2. Enjoying your Blog, Sarah. Elephants would have not crossed my mind for decor, but now I think I seriously will consider adding some to your mother's pop decor at the house. Hope the critters don't poop in the tv room!


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