Monday, February 4

Designer Crush: Tory Burch

On top of being obsessed with her incredible fashion sense, I am completely smitten with Tory herself. I want to just grab a latte and listen to her tell me her experiences in the design world or from her travels abroad. 

Currently Obsessed: Tory Burch Collection Spring 2013 
I am love, love, loving Tory's new pieces. 

 “Spring 2013 is about the American prep remix. We were thinking about a stylish magpie who picks up special pieces while traveling around the world and always mixes them with classic sportswear.” — Tory 

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  1. I love Tory's style too...
    I have lots of her accessories and a couple of shoes and bags
    and I'm not planning on stopping to collect some more of her items...
    That is one lovely collection from her.


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