Thursday, February 28

raise your pretty glass

Ya’ll. Today calls for a celebration. Nope, not just because we made it to Thursday… (which I usually consider fair game for celebration purposes.) No no.. today’s reason to party is much more noteworthy than that! Today I am celebrating one of my all-time, favorite people in this world on her special day of the year! Happy birthday to my lovely, life-long friend, Olivia! What a beautiful gift the sweet Lord gave me when he placed this girl in my life. I seriously have to stop and thank my lucky stars every time I think of how much her friendship has meant to me.   

Drink of the Night: The Flirtini
1 ½ oz. Grey Goose L’Orange
1 oz. pineapple juice
Splash of Champagne
Serve in a martini glass. Once poured, finish with Champagne. 

Tuesday, February 26

The Perfect October Wedding

Here we go again, ready or not! We just hit that magical time period, the six months pre-wedding completely occupied with jittery excitement and chaotic commotion. The countdown has officially started ticking: 180 days until Kristi walks down the aisle.

Let me back up and say, I cannot be happier about this time. Though, the pre-wedding planning can be a lot of work and completely nuts, I would do it over and over for Kristi, (or any of my sisters at that.) I already know that Kristi & Cameron’s wedding day will be one of the happiest days of my life. I usually hate using cliché phrases, but I really couldn’t have asked the Lord to bless Kristi with a better man. I adore their wholesome relationship and already view Cameron as part of our family.

Additionally, I absolutely LOVE weddings. I mean… I love love LOVE weddings. The entire concept of family and good friends joining together to celebrate and support a new couple’s love & friendship is beautiful and SO happy. I think I would go to a wedding every day if I could without being considered a total weirdo.

But, back to the planning madness. Kristi has already chosen her venue to be at Millikan Farms. She’s getting married at our childhood church and then the guests will make a short drive out to the barn for the reception. I am PUMPED about having the reception at Milikan Farms. We have visited the venue a lot, and it is on an absolutely stunning piece of land. The barn has been renovated inside too, which makes a world of difference (still barn feel, less barn smell.) Kristi’s only concern is to make sure the reception feels much more southern classic, rather than western rodeo.

Millikan Farms:

Here are some pictures we are using as inspiration for barn décor. What do y’all think?

Thursday, February 21

Bar Cart Love

I have big plans for the 'Mary-Helen-House-Makeover' starting this May. Let's just say there will be A LOT of before and after pictures being snapped. I've decided the first room to undergo alternations will be the living room (mostly just because it's my favorite room in my parents house.) It is so welcoming and open, and more importantly (to me that is) it has lots of natural lighting and an arch doorway that really makes the room. However, choosing the living room to be my starting place in this 'redesign challenge' is about the only decision I have made up my mind about. I'm still indecisive about the wall color, rug, drapery, (yeah, I have a long way to go!) BUT, there is one thing I know for sure will be incorporated into the living room: a beautiful, bar cart. I think they are just so lovely and feminine and can make any space look so much richer. That being said, I am on the lookout for the lucky bar cart to use (probably way too excited about the search then I should be!) Here are some examples of what I’m looking for. 

So far, I'm leaning towards brass. 

What do y’all think? Which cart style do you like best?