Wednesday, January 30

Wedding Bells

Two-thousand & thirteen will be a year of "I do's" in my family. My two beautiful, older sisters are getting hitched this year to two wonderful men! (I feel so lucky to actually have cool brothers-in-law.) Fun Fact: JT and Cameron asked for my father's permission the same weekend (one Friday night & the other Saturday night) without knowing! Needless to say, it was quite the weekend for my parents.

One down, One To go.. 

Gracey & JT actually got married earlier this month in our beloved childhood church. It was a beautiful January wedding!  As you can imagine, with two sisters getting married just months apart, there is an exciting wedding buzz going around. I'm finding out for the first time how much planning, stressing, and little decisions must be made before the actual wedding day arrives. A LOT! We we're so lucky to have the help we did! A few women in the church (who are actually more like second-moms than little church ladies) showed off their AMAZING skills as party planners. I think they did a beautiful job, and I'm willing to bet you'll think the same..

I think Gracey was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Im secretly hoping she will pass that dress down to me! 

Grace & JT had a flip-flop wedding. The night before the wedding (after the rehearsal dinner) they held their cocktail party and had a band play for their guests. Their reception was held right after the ceremony, Saturday morning. They served homemade biscuits, breakfast casseroles, and had a coffee bar! My favorite was the grits bar, doesn't get more southern than that!

I'm obsessed with this DIY chalkboard sign she used as one of her center pieces hanging on the wall during the reception.  The mirror was found cheap at a local consignment shop and then just painted over with chalk-board paint. 

These wreathes hung on the front doors of the church and then were moved down to the reception after the ceremony. Marianne and Phyllis (second moms) made these themselves using pieces from their dried out Christmas trees! I was eager to learn how they put them together. Are these not lovely? Ready to hire those fantastic wedding planners she hired? 

Love those who love you. 

Another sweet, sweet family friend was in charge of all the baking. She made 250 cupcakes and a 16 layer chocolate ganache cake! The 16-layer may have been the best thing I've ever tasted.

from my heart to yours.


these are a few of my favorite things..

Since I'm still so new at this, it seems appropriate to add a little personalization to pinch of paisley. Because a picture speaks a thousand words, I hope y'all can grasp a sense of who I am through a few of my favorites..

From my heart to yours.

Tuesday, January 29

the beginning..

Well, after a few months of totally falling in love with numerous amounts of blogs, I've FINALLY worked up the courage to start my own. No promises that this is going to be a big success, but I can promise to be dedicated to my posts and everything you read here will be sincere. As a busy, busy college student.. I am eager to have a fun outlet away from schoolwork where I can be creative. Bear with me, as I am a little overwhelmed by the (obviously apparent) amount of learning I have to do in the blog world. 

From my heart to yours,